Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Pssst! Guess what my friend Tymothy did!!! He nominated me for a Stylish Blogger Award. How cool is that? If you don't know Tymothy, you most certainly should. He is a super-duper talented guy, with amazing ideas and a huge heart. He has so much love for his family, his fellow writers, and of course the written word. Check him out and tell him I sent you over! Thank you Tymothy! On with the award:

So, here’s how it works:

1. Thank and link the person who nominated you.
2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to five new-found blogging buddies.
4. Contact the winners to congratulate them.

So, 7 Facts about Me:

1. You know how some people can't stand it when others leave the kitchen cabinets ALL open...all the time? I'm 'others.' I don't know why. I think it's a sickness.

2. I own a website content company with two other girls I met online. We've been running a business together for 3 years, and we've never met in person!

3. I finished a novel before Amaretto Flame that I feel is my magnus opus. It's an adult romantic thriller and I plan on rewriting it and querying it soon.

4. I am the biggest dork ever. I love to laugh and can be pretty goofy sometimes.

5. I get addicted to songs. I will listen to one song over and over and over until I drive myself nuts with it and then I'll become obsessed with another.

6. Speaking of music, I really love all kinds but am very partial to classic rock - Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, CCR, you name it...I love it.

7. I have this pet peeve, obsession, OCD thing where I cannot sit with my back to other people. I honestly can't stand it. In a restaurant, I get the seat next to the wall. At home, I sit where I can see everyone. Not sure why this is...maybe I was a ninja in a past life. ;-)

 Here are the amazing peeps I nominate: 

1. Renee Masson - Awesomely supportive twitter pal and author of Tearing Honor.
2. Genevieve Ching - Indie writer extraordinaire and supportive chic, author of the fantastic The Soulkeepers.
3.Megg Jensen - Super supportive of indie writers and author of the amazing Anathema.
4. Andrea Thompson - A bookish babe that I love talking to on twitter; fellow bad boy luhva!
5. Kara Malinczak - Super awesome book blogger, shelter baby mommy.

So TAG. You guys are it. Thanks again Tymothy and mucho #writerlove to you!


  1. No 5? Same here.

    Thank you, again, so very much for your words of epic encouragement!

    This award is well-deserved.

    Know that there is a tremendous amount of #WriterLove from me to you.

    GREAT and talented picks btw!


  2. Hahaha! I am one of those people that go crazy with the open cabinets! lol

    You must HAVE been a ninja in a past life. Those instincts are earned! ;)

    Angeline Kace

  3. Loved reading about you, Sammie. Congrats on the award. My only question is, why are you rewriting Amaretto Flame and querying it? Just curious.

    I love Fleetwood Mac too. :-)

  4. Thanks, Kendall! The novel I'm rewriting to query isn't Amaretto Flame; it's one that I had written before that called Trash Town, Mississippi. It's a contemporary romance thriller, not the paranormal stuff you know I love. LOL

  5. My husband leaves cabinets open, and it makes me nuts. He also leaves wrappers (Band-Aids, sliced cheese, medicine--you name it) on the counter even though the trash can is like five feet away. Arggh! Sorry...tangent.

    Fleetwood Mac = Hell yes! My daughter is named Rhiannon. :-)

    That's crazy cool about your company. I'm the same with a couple of my crit partners. It's like we're great friends, but some of us have never even spoken on the phone, let alone met. So cool how technology brings people together.

    Congrats on your award. You deserve it. :-)