Sunday, May 15, 2011

May Blog Tour Wrap-Up

The blog tour is over now =( but it was SO much fun. I thank the book bloggers who took time out of their busy schedules to accommodate the coven and me from the very bottom of my heart. These ladies and gentlemen are amazing, y'all...and an indie writer's best friend! Hug a book blogger today. That said, I'm going to be visiting the blogs again to check on comments.

Those who comment on EVERY tour stop are automatically entered to win a big ending prize, and you'll have until Tuesday, May 17th to get your comments in. (Note: For the blogs with more than one appearance/post, it's only necessary to have commented on one.) Below are the links again:

Tattooed Books - Guest Post from Sylvia
YA Bound - Interview with Everett
Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm - Jackson's 'Life Playlist'
Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm - Interview with Olivia
I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read - Review of Amaretto Flame
Jagged Edge - Guest Post from Jenny
The Diary of a Bookworm: Review of Amaretto Flame
K Books - Review of Amaretto Flame
K Books - Jackson's Mother's Day Guest Post
Wicked Awesome Books - Review of Amaretto Flame
Wicked Awesome Books - Author Interview
Aine's Realm - Author Guest Post
Izzie Vandero - Interview with Jackson
A Life Bound by Books - Sammie Spencer Interviews Everett
Pagan Culture - Fiction Journeying
I Heart YA Books - Review of Amaretto Flame

For those of you who commented on the posts, thank you so much! For those who were dedicated enough to visit EVERY stop and comment - you rock my world! For the individual giveaways, the blog owners will be choosing the winners, and for the big giveaway, I'll be choosing the winner. So, please stay tuned. You are my very favorite Wise Ones! <3


  1. The blog tour was a blast. I commented on every post and found some very interesting bloggers on the way. I can hardly wait for SHADOW WISHES, you've created a super interesting world and I want to read where it goes ;-)

  2. Magaly - it was so much fun for me too!! I can't wait to get it finished. Woot.

    Diana - thank you so much!