Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vampire Academy Prize Pack Contest and Giveaway - More Than 40 Chances to Win!

Hi all you dhampirs and moroi! Love Vampire Academy? ME TOO! Here's your chance to win a huge Vampire Academy prize pack, and learn about another paranormal romance series at the same time! Before we get down to business, check out what the winner will get...

  • 1 "Little Dhampir" Pin from the Arcane Vault
    • 1 "First Lesson: Don't Hesitate" Pin from the Arcane Vault 

      • 1 Red Leather Vampire Academy Bookmark from the Arcane Vault

        • 5 Vampire Academy Scrabble Tile Necklace Charms (Team Lissa, Team Christian, Team Adrian, Team Dimitri, and Team Rose) 

          • 1 Copy of Blood Lines Pre-Ordered; To Be Shipped to Your Address Upon Publication (August 2011)
          Note: To enter the contest, you MUST be a Google Connect Follower of this blog (gotta see your pic over to the right). It just takes a second to follow! :-)

          How to Enter:

          Download paranormal romance Eagleton Coven: Amaretto Flame in your preferred format from Smashwords for FREE. Just shoot me an email to get the coupon code! This coupon will expire May 5. This earns you ONE entry into the contest. Keep reading to learn how to get MUCHO extra entries and increase your chances of winning. (Note: you can get the plain text, HTML, or Java versions if it's easier for you. You'll find the list on the bottom of the Amaretto Flame page.)

          EXTRA ENTRIES:

          For TEN Extra Entries in the Contest:  Send me an e-mail ( with the answers to the following questions (after reading the book):

          1. What color is Jackson's jeep?
          2. Who loves blue eyeshadow?
          3. What was the name of the scary ride at the carnival?
          4. What are Olivia's two nicknames?
          5. Name 3 drinks featured in the book.

          For TEN Extra Entries in the Contest: Post a review of Eagleton Coven: Amaretto Flame on your blog or here on When you add up your points in the comments below, leave a link to the review.

          For FIVE Extra Entries in the Contest: Tweet about this contest from your Twitter account using hashtag #ECAF. Leave the link to this as well. You can tweet about the contest once a day for ONE extra entry per day. You'll need to leave another comment every time you tweet it, though.

          For FIVE Extra Entries in the Contest: "Like" Eagleton Coven's Facebook page and 'share' it with your Facebook friends.

          For THREE Extra Entries in the Contest: Follow me on Twitter. Leave your Twitter name in the comment box when you add up your points.

          There you have it!!! Once you've taken the steps above, add up your points for the steps you completed and leave the total in a comment below. ((There's more than 40 chances to win!)) Make sure to leave any important links in that same comment box. Also make sure you leave your e-mail address in the comments if I can't view it on your Google Friend Connect profile. I'll need this to contact the winner!

          One winner will be chosen randomly on May 6 at 8PM EST. The contest is open to everyone. Good luck!


          1. Wow, what a great contest!!!! I sent you an e-mail with my answers and links, but I'll post 'em here again:

            ONE entry for downlaoding the book (thanks for the coupon!)

            FIVE Extra Entries twitted:!/vollkopf/status/56029761851490305

            FIVE Extra Entries: liked and shared on FB

            For THREE Extra Entries: twitter follower @vollkopf

            with the questions, the total is: 24 entries.

            Thank you!!

            GFC : Karla Vollkopf

          2. +1 download
            +10 email
            +10 review
            +5 tweet!/IzzieVandero
            +5 facebook 'like'/share!/permalink.php?story_fbid=202525679770544&id=100001847218139
            +3 follow on Twitter @izzievandero

   far: 34 entries
            Thanks Sammie!! Keep up the great work <3

          3. Hi!! One more entry. Tweeted again :) brings my total up to 35

          4. oops i forgot to add my email.

            Total: 36

            Total: 37
            love the new design!!

          7. +1 more tweet :) you know my Twitter username so i dont think i need to keep adding it lol

          8. +1
            Total: 39

          9. another +1 haha

          10. Hi! Thanks for this AWESOME giveaway!
            I am following you as LilyxJames.
            I tweeted:!/LilyxJames/status/58181740719652865
            Following you on Twitter as LilyxJames
            Liked the facebook page (as Ivana Ondrejkov√°)
            Total: 14

          11. +1 download
            +5 Liked you on Facebook
            +3 following on Twitter

            I'll be back with my answers and my review in time to collect ;-)

          12. +1

          13. So far i have:

            GFC - jennifer
            +1 for downloading book
            +3 follow on twitter @jlkalman26
            +5 tweet
            +5 liked on facebook and shared

            =14 entries

            jlkalman26 at gmail dot com

          14. +1
            Total: 42

          15. +2
            Total: 44

          16. +1
            total: 45

          17. +10 Just emailed my answers to the questions
            +5 Tweeted username @PaganCulture (!/PaganCulture)

            This makes a grand total of 24 entries. My review will come after ;-)

          18. +2
            Total: 47

          19. Hi! Thanks for this AWESOME giveaway, and thanks for making it open internationally :)
            GFC = Vovka

            dl the book +1

            email with my answers ( +10

            tweets about the contest (three days) +7

            I follow you on Twitter (@StVladForum) +3

            Total = 21

            Thanks again :)

          20. +1

          21. +1
            total: 49

          22. +1
            total: 50

          23. As of yet I have:

            One Entry for downloading Eagleton Coven.

            Five Entries for tweeting yesterday.!/Ash_Belikova/status/61949359146795008

            Five Entries for "liking" and sharing Eagleton Coven on Facebook.!/ashley.kimball/posts/179904815395024

            Three Entries for following you on Twitter (@Ash_Belikova)

            One Entry for tweeting today.!/Ash_Belikova/status/62238458529329152

            = 15 Entries!! :D

            I'll be back with more. :)

          24. Just sent answers to the questions, making my total 25 entries!

          25. +1 with another tweet :)!/StVladForum/status/62597030081597441
            total : 22

          26. +2

          27. twitter@chinadoll331
            facebook: Edrickia Janae Turner

            19 points

          28. +2

          29. bloodymelly -

            Hi there ;D

            Purchased and Read book +1

            Email Questions +10

            Review +10

            Tweet(4/29) +5

            Facebook Like&share +5

            Twitter follow +3 (bloodymelly)

            total number of entries: 34!! booooyaaaa

          30. +2
            total 56

          31. +1 :!/StVladForum/status/64943516891086848
            total : 23

          32. +5
            total: 61

          33. +2
            for a grand total of.............duh duh duh
            63 points!!

          34. WOOHOO guys! Contest is almost over. You still have a little over 24 hours to get any answers in or post any extra points for linking if you need to. Good luck!