Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jackson's Poem for Slayer

In honor of National Poetry Month, I'm posting an 'extra' that is present in Amaretto Flame, at the very end of the book. This is Jackson's poem for Olivia, his Slayer. :-)

For Slayer
Smoky silhouette against the night,
What was dark is now bathed in light.
His eyes are smiling and shrouded,
The room of his heart is not crowded…
Unlike the dusty lounge that goes on forever.

The hand runs through bristled, messy hair,
Interrupted beams of light flash in the air.
A smile transforms his face and lingers,
He sits, he caresses, adjusts his fingers…
On the frets of his guitar.

Slowly, almost painfully building,
Notes create beauty, silence is yielding.
His voice is raspy then smooth again, dancing
The strings of the guitar are not the only ones prancing…
As he unknowingly resurrects a heart.

His eyes; they flash passion into a lonely room
And his body sways to the rhythm of impending doom.
And when he closes them, his face betrays a pain
That draws out through his music and starts falling like rain…
And it lands on her.

Like a vampire, his voice draws blood
And the notes, they flow through the room in a flood.
Stop it, her heart screams, yet begs for more,
As she drops to her knees and stares at the floor.
And she knows that he wants to sign.

The last few notes leave a depth that is sweet
And across the room, their naked eyes meet.
He bites his lip, smiles gently; his eyes shy away,
She cries from the silence that now covers his play.
And they stand.

In an instant, the floor between them disappears
She cradles his face and he kisses her tears.
The guitar is no longer needed, as the music resumes
They melt into each other and the passion consumes
Although they’ve barely touched.

An arc of color between them shoots out like a light
And fills up all the darkness and cuts out all the night.
He is dangerous because she is his only
And she fills him up and there’s no trace left of lonely.
And he is her song.
~ Jackson Vance

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